"What a Great Invention"  - Theresa

"Easy to use and assemble!!"  - Gabs

"Great Product... The GadgetTree® works exactly as demonstrated. It is VERY easy to put together and is well balanced. I like having all my utensils organized and easy to get to when needed. I also now have more space in my kitchen drawer. I may order another just for my baking utensils. Very happy."  - Bebe

"Good replacement for the 'flower pot' that I was using to hold the excess bigger pieces. Looks good too"  - W.S.

"Rotation makes it easy to find my choice of utensils. Sturdy - sits well on countertop without tipping"  - Jeanne

"Nice looking, cleans out a cluttered drawer, holds plenty of utensils... Love It!"  - Linda

"Holds all my utensils and looks nice on counter."  - Terri

"Easy, Compact, Nice Looking."  - CR

"Previously I had my utensils in a crock; now that I have the GadgetTree® I would never go back."  - Becca

  • Kitchen Utensil Holder

  • Organizes up to 15 Long Handled Utensils

  • Convenient 4 Inch Deep Canister Holds a Variety of Smaller Items Such as Pens & Pencils, Scissors or Even a Pair of Reading Glasses

  • Attractive Design Goes with any Decor

  • Patent Pending

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