• Easy Glide Carousel Allows for Quick and Easy Placement and Retrieval of Kitchen Utensils

  • All Utensils are Allowed to Completely Air Dry Providing a Much More Sanitary Condition

  • Helps Eliminate Contact with Working Surface of Utensils

  • Stands a Little Over 14 Inches High, and Less than 9 Inches in Diameter

  • Assembles in Two Easy Steps; Disassembles for Convenient Storage or Moving

If you're frustrated with kitchen utensils jammed in a drawer, tangled in a crock, or difficult to retrieve, then the solution is the GadgetTree®. With the GadgetTree® all of your favorite utensils are conveniently organized.

Unlike the common ceramic holder where the utensils can spread out in a jumbled mess, the GadgetTree® holds up to 15 long handled utensils in less than a 9 inch diameter footprint.

And, did you know that most kitchen utensils are manufactured with a hole in the handle? GadgetTree® utilizes that feature by providing hooks for easy placement, storage and retrieval. Plus, there are open rings which will allow your wooden utensils to thoroughly air dry, creating a more sanitary environment.

So, get your kitchen utensils organized with the GadgetTree®, where they are... Just A Spin Away!

  • Kitchen Utensil Holder

  • Organizes up to 15 Long Handled Utensils

  • Convenient 4 Inch Deep Canister Holds a Variety of Smaller Items Such as Pens & Pencils, Scissors or Even a Pair of Reading Glasses

  • Attractive Design Goes with any Decor

  • Patent Pending

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